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"This is directed to the New Tampa Junior Womens Club, Thanks so much for the books!! My Sailors say thanks! Well we only have about 2 months left of cruise and I think we are good to go for books! : ) I have received sooooo many from you all and so has AO1 Austring who is also in my shop. Anyway thanks for taking the time to get these and you make life more bearable out here at sea. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
By: Jesse H. (USS John C. Stennis)
Left on 12/26/2011

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While Operation Paperback relies heavily on its volunteer shipping network to deliver books to troops, veterans and military families, we receive hundreds of requests a year for specific titles or what we define as 'high-demand genres' that must be shipped by staff members. In addition, we have a steady stream of special projects where Operation Paperback purchases and ships books in bulk in support of military missions.

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