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"Marilynne, Just wanted to send a quick Thank you for the books you had sent. With a Company our size, everyone always finds something interesting to read. It is so great to receive all that we have, there are quite the range of interests in the Company and it's rough keeping them all happy and entertained. Thanks for your help, giving the troops that outlet. Appreciate the support, we are done counting months and are close enough to start counting the days. Looks like we will have some home for Thanksgiving and the rest just before Christmas. We are all holding out hope that the up coming elections will be the start to a good future here in Afghanistan. Again, thanks for your support and we will be home soon. Take care."
By: David C. (1 SG) (Afghanistan)
Left on 08/20/2009

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While Operation Paperback relies heavily on its volunteer shipping network to deliver books to troops, veterans and military families, we receive hundreds of requests a year for specific titles or what we define as 'high-demand genres' that must be shipped by staff members. In addition, we have a steady stream of special projects where Operation Paperback purchases and ships books in bulk in support of military missions.

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