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"I wish to thank the nice folks who send us the books, candy and DVDs. The soldiers of 3-2 GSAB will greatly appreciate all the love and kindness of people who still believe of the good things we do. God Bless and thanks. Oh yes... keep sending those caramel candies; those are our favorite!"
By: Ariel G. (Korea)
Left on 09/20/2010

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While Operation Paperback relies heavily on its volunteer shipping network to deliver books to troops, veterans and military families, we receive hundreds of requests a year for specific titles or what we define as 'high-demand genres' that must be shipped by staff members. In addition, we have a steady stream of special projects where Operation Paperback purchases and ships books in bulk in support of military missions.

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$5 will ship one medium-sized box of books to any overseas military location

$20 will help pay for the purchase and shipment of a box of high-demand genre books

Special projects like books from the military Professional Reading Lists to support servicemember professional development goals, books for chaplains to counsel troops before returning home, or books to assist veterans as they heal mentally and physically.