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"Dear Mr Cote: Thank you so much for your gifts of books. They arrived today and are very much appreciated. A little about us: we are a Forward Surgical Unit with the US Marine Corps. We are Navy docs, nurses, and corpsmen who care for wounded Marines, Afghan forces, and Afghan citizens. Our facility is made up of tents we constructed ourselves and we are in a forward operating base in *******. It is pretty austere here, with no exchange (store), dining facility (it's MREs/field rations, and all the warm water you can drink! But it is home for us for 7 months. The books are so appreciated as it helps time to pass and keeps us entertained. Thanks again. If you wish to see what our facility and some of us look like we have a facebook page : Charlie Company, 1st Medical Battalion. Please take a look. We hope to keep in touch. "
By: Charles F. (Surgeon) (Overseas)
Left on 07/16/2010

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