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"I wanted to say thank you to all of your volunteers for all the amazing books and goodies we have been receiving here. Today, I received 5 more boxes of books from 5 different volunteers across the United States. Tallnie C from Monterey, CA Donna R and the First Presbyterian Church of Avon from Avon, NY Maggie R from Springfield, VA Merrell C from Marietta, OH Beverly T from Aldie, VA Thank you all again so very much for your thoughts and gifts to us over here. Thank you,"
By: Michael S. (Afghanistan)
Left on 10/01/2012

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Become a Volunteer Shipper

As a volunteer shipper, you collect and ship your own books using the addresses that we provide. Volunteer shippers are an integral part of Operation Paperback, sending over 90% of the books shipped under our program.

How does the program work?

You begin by registering with us and accepting our volunteer agreement. There is no cost associated with registering as a shipper. We promise to keep your personal information secure.

Once you have registered with us, you can login and request addresses of troops overseas, veterans or military families using our automated system. Input the genres you have on hand (mysteries, westerns, etc.) and our system will generate a customized list of names for your use. Label your books and insert our standard shipping letter (or your own personal note). Pack and address your box using the names we provide. Then head to the Post Office to mail your box. It's that simple!

Most people enjoy being Volunteer Shippers because of the personal process of mailing books directly to someone in need. Military personnel, veterans and military families certainly appreciate the time and care given to packaging boxes of books for them.

You can send a single shipment or several; it's up to you! If you think you're ready to become part of our network, please click the link below to begin the process. Operation Paperback staff will help you every step along the way!

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