Giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good book since 1999.

"I would, on behalf of myself and "the lost boys" like to thank you for your gifts of books. We are not on a fob (forward operations base) - we're on a cop, where living conditions and creature comforts fall under the category of austere at best and downright nasty at worst and don't have access to nor do we want the creature comforts of our bretheren who live on fobs throughout the country. But we sure do appraciate when good hearted people such as yourselves take the time, make the effort and extend to us the goodwill and generosity that helps so much to make the job we do here meaningful and a bit more bearable. Besides that, it helps the youngsters here discover the wonderful world of good book reading and gets them out of their ipods, psps and xboxes. I'm the medic of the team and we do tremendous things with just a small amount of support. As a civil affairs tactical a team our job involves not only raids, snatches and interdiction of enemy movement; a lot of what we do is the management of infrastructure rebuilding projects such as repair/rebuilding canal pump stations, electrical transfer points, medical clinics, schools and village administration centers, and pay and support of the sons of iraq security program, where local populations are invested with the security and stability of their own areas. We do good things with the us taxpayers' money and now are seeing much more iraqi oil dollars being diverted into our efforts and less of our us dollars being thrown down a hole with little return . Contrary to what the media portrays, now we are winning a peace and the war is all but over, save for a very small group (unfortunately in our northern province) of hired help from Iran and Syria whose agenda still is dedicated toward a destabilized neighbor, rather than a peaceful stabilized, ecomomically strong partner nation. In a nutshell, the winds of change have given the population here hope and a vision of a future that just a year ago was not possible. Again, thank you for your support. "
By: Chris M. (Iraq)
Left on 01/19/2009

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About Operation Paperback

Operation Paperback began in 1999, sending its first shipments to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We have since shipped books to the following locations overseas:

Arabian Sea Fleet
Diego Garcia
East Timor
Horn of Africa
Mediterranean Sea Fleet
Pacific Fleet
Pearl Harbor
Persian Gulf Fleet
Republic of Georgia
Saudi Arabia

In addition to overseas locations, Operation Paperback provides books to military and veterans hospitals located within the United States, as well as USO centers at US Airport transit points. In 2012, we also added a new program that offers a free shipment of books to any military family.

Our organization has several ongoing special projects, including:

- Providing books from military Professional Reading Lists to support servicemember professional development goals;

- Supporting Chaplains as they counsel troops, both before redeployment and after reunification, with a variety of specifically-requested titles;

- Providing Iraqi Phrasebooks for units on the ground so that they may communicate effectively with local populations;

- Supplying books for the annual book give away at NSA Souda Bay in Crete, Greece for service members and their families;

- Supplying children's books to deployed soldiers who read to their children via webcam or on DVDs.

Individual citizens, American families and community groups have formed a network of volunteer shippers that have sent over 1.9 million books since Operation Paperback began.

Operation Paperback is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania. Our EIN is 41-2209836. Donations to our organization are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We are happy to provide receipts for any donations received.