Giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good book since 1999.

Thank you notes

"Sending a big thanks to the following individuals and organizations for your generous book donations to my organization: The Heinlein Society B N Loren & Sharon L & Customers of Encore Books Hike for Mental Health Thank you so much!"
By: Linda S (Canada), Left on 04/20/2015

"Thank you for taking the time to send me some books to read while we are stationed overseas. I'm already eyeballing a few of the books I want to start to read. Fingers crossed that my 9-month old takes a looooong afternoon nap so mama can relax with a book and glass of sweet tea. "
By: Becky C. (Overseas), Left on 04/14/2015

"I am stateside now and I recieved books both overseas and stateside and I just want to thank the volunteers for everything that they have sent and for all of their support. I was able to share the books with numerous friends and family and we are so greatful for all of you. Thank you."
By: TeneshiaT (USA), Left on 04/08/2015

"Thank you so much for the books I received. I appreciate the work you all do. Keep it up."
By: Michael P (Jacksonville, NC, USA), Left on 04/06/2015

"Thank you to Laura L for the wonderful LARGE box of books. My children were grabbing and excited to read as much as they can. We appreciate it."
By: MaeB (Texas), Left on 04/06/2015

"I just want to say thank you for all the books I have received. It is very much appreciated by myself as well as my platoon. We all have been enjoying the new books te read. As it so happens I have been receiving so many that we can\'t keep up. Sadly I have to ask to stop sending any more. Its not that we don\'t want them its just we are running out or room and we have giving lots to other units on the island. I want to say how grateful we are and how amazing your operation is.I will definitely spread the word about you.\r\nSincerely,\r\nSPC M"
By: Myka M (overseas), Left on 03/28/2015

"We have received two boxes of books and appreciate them so much!! This is an amazing idea, thank you so much! The R Family"
By: Brynna R (USA), Left on 03/26/2015

"Hello from Okinawa! We recently received a package of science fiction books from John S! I want to thank you greatly for having taken the time to send out these books! I have shared quite a few with other families and have distributed some to the libraries on island. Once again, thank you very much. I hope you have a great day. Take care! -The C Family"
By: The C Family (USA), Left on 03/25/2015

"Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the operation paperback shipments! We got 2 today (we received the first one a couple of weeks ago) and they were a complete surprise! We were so excited about the first, we never imaged getting two more. Thank you, Brittany C"
By: Brittany C (USA), Left on 03/12/2015

"THANK YOU! We received 2 boxes from Operation Paperback for my almost 4 year old son. The box we got yesterday was full of books that were perfect for his age and interests. And, at 39 weeks pregnant, I know these "new" books will be even more exciting to read in the coming weeks when he may be feeling left out. We read a Curious George book at bedtime last night (that I actually can't believe we don't already have!) and he was laughing out loud at it. Thank you for the books and a great end to our day! Your hard work and the work of our volunteers is greatly appreciated! Rebecca H"
By: Bekki (USA), Left on 03/07/2015

"We have started receiving books through your organization. Thank you so much! We are enjoying them so much! God Bless, Patti G"
By: Patti G (USA), Left on 03/07/2015

"We got our adult books with in a week! My kids and I looked forward to books the last deployment and it helps to have something to look forward to this deployment. Such a great service! You and your volunteers are the best! Tony S"
By: Tony S (USA), Left on 03/07/2015

"Good afternoon Thank you all very much for the generous book donations--we received them earlier this week. I just gave out the first of that batch--a mermaid book to a 3 year old girl who had spent all week looking at the "Little Mermaid" movies. Again, many thanks. V/R, David M"
By: David M (USA), Left on 03/06/2015

"Hello!! I just wanted to write and say, Thank you all so very much for all that you do to support us military families!!! We are currently stationed in Japan and we have received a couple of packages of books from Operation Paperback since being here. It has been a HUGE help for us and we all enjoy reading the books. My son is in the 4th grade and always has to be reading a book at night . . . the books we have been receiving have helped with that!! And, it helps to keep me busy (I've read three new books you all sent to me already) while my husband is deployed. My daughter is turning 5 this month and will start kindergarten in August . . . so, reading is about to start for her as well. Just want to say THANK you for your past and continued support. We would love to continue to receive books whenever they are available for us!! I hope this email finds you doing well!! Please let all of your volunteers know that they are very much appreciated!! Best regards, Piper B"
By: Piper B (Japan), Left on 03/06/2015

"Good day, Thank you so much for your wonderful books sent to our base library. We are extremely appreciative and grateful for this program. Please let me know if there is anyway we can help out with this program. Have wonderful day, Sheree B"
By: Sheree B (USA), Left on 03/06/2015

"To whom it may concern\r\nThank you for our Operation Paperback shipment- Andrew T is the volunteer that signed the paper in our box. My family has been out of the Country so we are a bit delayed in receiving the books, luckily the Post Office held the box for us! We appreciate all that you do.\r\nThank you again\r\nTiffany A"
By: Tiffany A (USA), Left on 02/25/2015

"Hello! We received a wonderful box of books a few weeks ago! My daughter loves every single one of them, we really appreciate it!! Thank you so much! Melinda W"
By: Melinda W (USA), Left on 02/25/2015

"Our books arrived and the kids have already mailed off a thank you card to the McQ family! Thank you for all you do, Michelle G"
By: Michelle G (USA), Left on 02/20/2015

"Hi, my name is Whitney J, I wanted to let you know we got the package and my family and myself want to thank you so much! It meant a lot to receive the books y'all sent to us. Thank you again!! "
By: Whiteny J (USA), Left on 02/18/2015

"Thank you Operation Paperback/Bertha H, Thank you so much for taking the time to ship us these wonderful books! My little boy loves the cars board books he carries at least one around with him. I haven't gotten to enjoy any books yet (joys of a two year old) but I have skimmed them and I can't wait to get some time to enjoy!! Thank you again it means so much to us to have people remember and care about us!! God Bless, Jennifer, Ernie & Galen "
By: The Ch Family (USA), Left on 02/18/2015