Giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good book since 1999.

Thank you notes

"Thank you very much for the books! My team and I only recently put in a request for paperbacks and have already received three boxes. Keep the books coming, they go to a great cause. We read them and share them with the locals. Thank you again! We will continue to post messages as we receive books and their impact throughout out deployment."
By: Christian (Djibouti), Left on 02/02/2016

"Since Doreen's DeBenedictis' departure, I have not been as diligent and timely in providing feedback to boxes received. I do apologize for the delayed reply as I had recently returned from a mission in Southern Afghanistan. I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your army of volunteers for gathering books, and magazines of all topics for our reading pleasure. Adjacent to our office is the "Milano" where service members frequent. Between the USO lounge and the Milano, myself and several volunteers regularly stock their shelves with reading materials for all to share. Depending on the book, sometimes it is gone within minutes or it will be there for weeks. I just wanted to express to you our sincere heartfelt thanks for all of your efforts in support of our mission. > > On behalf of Operation Resolute Support, Deputy Chief of Staff-Security Assistance, Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan, Essential Function 2 Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight, we appreciate what you do. We admire your selfless service the same way as you admire ours. Please pass this along this heartfelt letter to volunteers in the trenches that we are grateful, and appreciate their continual support. Please let us know if there is anything we can do on this end for your organization. Please take care and God bless America"
By: Po Chun T MAJ (afghanistan), Left on 01/31/2016

"I received another package of books today from Nelda Berntson of Inyokern, CA., for which much, much thanks."
By: Bob N (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"Hello!! Castaneda family here. We received a box of books a week ago. I just completely forgot to email you. Thank you greatly"
By: Alba C (Overseas), Left on 01/31/2016

"Thank you for the wonderful novels from Ms. Caroline Barnes; of the great > city of New York, in the great state of New York. > > Best regards and best wishes, and thank you again"
By: Alan A (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"My husband received his first shipment. They are great and perfect! Thank you do much we are truly so grateful and are blessed by your company/outreach. :)"
By: Cambria B (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"Thank you so much for providing my family and I with books through Operation Paperback. I think it is such a blessing to have a program that sends books as support to troops and their families. We received our books safely and have begun to read/pass them along with word of this amazing service Operation Paperback provides. Again, our sincerest and deepest thanks for your thoughtfulness. >"
By: Chanetta D (Overseas), Left on 01/31/2016

" I want to thank you so much for all of the books you have so generously gifted my family. Me and my husband are avid readers and I am so grateful for your support. Thanks again Operation Paperback! >"
By: Darcy S (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"I want to thank you all for the generous book donations. They are greatly appreciated and are being put to great use. The children thank you so much for all you do! Continue being blessed and blessing others. Specifically Carol M, Jessyl S and Martha F."
By: Shannon C (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"To all of the men and women of Operation Paperback, A big thank you to Operation Paperback; and especially Jeff D, Las Vegas NV; Virginia F, Chandler AZ; Mieke D, Sherwood, OR; Katherine B, Erie, PA; H.R. S, Towanda PA and Robert V in NJ. Your packages of books will give service members a chance to escape the sometimes dull routine of "hurry up and wait" by reading about a myriad of topics. A shout out to Hank in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, Superstition Mountain Chapter of MOAA, the Escape Club EHS, and everyone else involved with Operation Paperback- you are wonderful! On our Service members behalf, THANK YOU."
By: Alan A MAJ (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"On behalf of our veterans, I would like to thank Paul and Elizabeth M for the generous donation of books to the VA Librarys Leisure Reading Program here in Albuquerque. This is a very popular program among our inpatients and as well as veterans who are outpatients. We sincerely appreciate the donation."
By: Diane S (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"I want to say thank you to the Homer City Methodist Church and Trent's Bookshelf for taking there time to send out some books to us. My daughter was super excited to get new books."
By: Irene C (Overseas), Left on 01/31/2016

"Thank you so much for the packages of books we received! Just in the past two days I have received three boxes of books! I received a package from Al & Franci G, from Vero Beach, FL, a package from Claudia S in Farmingdale, NY and then a wonderful box that included a hat and several scripture references with the books from Kathy D in Owaneco, IL. "
By: Lisa S (Overseas), Left on 01/31/2016

"Thank you so much for your donation! We have plenty of Veterans who will get a lot of use out of them. I will make sure that your organization is mentioned at our next meeting with the other service organizations. Once again thank you for all you do!"
By: Christopher L (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"I have received the shipment and am so very grateful for the books. I have shared some of the books with my battles. I love to read and they definitely come in handy. We will be switching out soon and I will provide the email address to my battle buddies so that they can be able to get in on the program. Again, thank you for everything."
By: Tameeka B SSG (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

" I picked up a copy of "Alaska Gold" from the USO at Camp Casey, Korea. I found the letter that you placed inside and figured that I would oblidge your request. Thank you for your efforts in supporting the Troops through your "Operation Paperback". I understand that Walt is a veteran and I thank him for his service. It really does mean alot to receive support from back home. I am coming up on my retirement (20 years) and i can honestly say that my career lasted this long due, in part, to the friendly support that I have received throughout the years. My goal is to return to Alaska and run an independent gold mining operation. Now you can understand how the title of your book just popped out at me. I have only begun the book but am intriqued thus far. I look forward to finishing it and have stopped only to write this email. Thank you again for your support and for the book. I will be sure to pass it onto another Soldier when i am finished. I will make it a goal to spread word on your organization and Iwill visit the website soon"
By: Noah H (Korea), Left on 01/31/2016

"Thanks to Maggie K and Family for great selection of books"
By: Susan H (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"This is SGT Ginikanwa over here in Korea, just letting you guys know I have received your most recent shipment. My soldiers and I appreciate the support. Thank you!"
By: Chiedu G SGT (Korea), Left on 01/31/2016

"Hope all is well with you and your fine folks. Our patients continue to enjoy the contributions sent by you all. We have gotten some mighty cold mornings and evenings so those hoodies kept many a soldier warm while on an outdoor break. The sweets are rationed out and continue to get great reviews. Holiday cards filled with caring notes we finally taken down. Many a heart was touched. The following volunteers recently gifted our heroes on 11 W: Lowe from Chatonooga,TN Karen A from San Marcos, CA P. T. from Chicago, Illinois Friend from Park Forest Dr in Springfield, VA If anyone wishes to send literature on MINDFULNESS please send a word out that this would be welcome. Again, many thanks. Blessings to all!"
By: Rosa K (USA), Left on 01/31/2016

"We have had a bit of an innundation of patients this month and I am barely getting back to you with most heartfelt thanks. The soldiers are still enjoying the sweat shirts, hoodies, goodies, model cars, puzzles and paint by number portraits... All these nice gifts are a morale booster. In group I explain to them how even though they might be feeling down, feeling taken for granted that they are the 1% who had the courage to serve our country by joining the Army. They hear my words of thanks and they see what American volunteers send them as tokens of their appreciation. Your gifts of comfort bring joy to our soldiers and inspire those of us who serve them. The following have most recently sent packages: Ellen K( TinWife, you amaze!) Mary S from Mansass, VA Deborah C from Dix Hills, NY High School Robotics Team 3624 from Half Hollow Hills Sandra G from Wanaque, NJ Sanae N. M from Honolulu, HI Operation Paperback ELF Kathy and Paul B from Des Plaines, IL Jeanne G and her class Kids Who Care Carroll County Republican Women from Cutler, IN Margaret E. G I apologize for any names left out. I do 12 hr shifts mostly and on my days off staff does a good job of saving information but being the human beings that we are sometimes return addresses get misplaced. Our mail room is holding 11 boxes for our warriors. I will get back to you with info. All the best to you and yours! With Love and Admiration"
By: Rosa K (USA), Left on 01/31/2016