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Thank you notes

"My family was so excited to receive a box of books once again. I am an Active Duty Recruiter currently stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, however we are moving to Maryland this July. I am married with three children,two girls (14 &10) and one boy (5). My eldest daughter was thrilled to receive so many books that she wanted to read. We truly appreciate your time and thoughtfulness and we are grateful. SFC Amie M"
By: Amie M (USA), Left on 05/25/2015

"Just wanted to say thank you for the shipment of books. Benjamin was super excited to get them!! I think this is a wonderful program to encourage kids and families to read! Thank you so much!! Jeanette, Brandon, & Benjamin H"
By: The H Family (USA), Left on 05/25/2015

"Merhaba (Turkish for hello- my prior assignment was at Incirlik AB, Turkey), A sincere thank you to the 7th grade students, Kim, and Operation Paperback for the box of very good paperbacks received 15 May 2015 at the Ft. McCoy Education and Learning Center. Your gift of reading and learning material is deeply appreciated by the service members we support in their life-long learning, and leisure reading while here at Ft. McCoy; and wherever their military experience leads them. Salaam alekum (Peace be with you; response, alekum salaam, and with you). Teşekkr ederim. Very Respectfully, Alan A"
By: Alan A (USA), Left on 05/25/2015

By: Susan H (USA), Left on 05/25/2015

"I just received another book shipment; thank you very much! Matthew F"
By: Matthew F (USA), Left on 05/25/2015

"Operation Paperback, I would like to thank you all and the volunteers so much for taking the time to send my daughters and I books. They get so excited to receive packages from you all. I would like to thank the volunteers that have sent us books and they are: Donna B, Library Director Kathleen K The Escape Club Charlotte T Once again it is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Lekisha M"
By: Lekisha M (USA), Left on 05/25/2015

"To Cheri, Woodstock Community Library, for great selection of books!! Thanks, Susan H"
By: Susan H (USA), Left on 05/25/2015

"We have received another very welcome number of boxes of reading material from you... Thank you to everyone for your support of the service members passing through Ft. McCoy, WI on their way to training, deployment, or the very fortunate ones, back to home and family after sharpening their military skills for future "possibilities". Your generous donation of reading and study material is deeply appreciated. Especially welcome are the classics (Marcus Aurelius, "Meditations", Quote: "Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present."); and also any study guides, such as those found in or enabling service members to take college level courses (testing) and study anywhere in the world. Magazines and novels are also very welcome; controversial subjects that may lead to "team breaking", rather than "team building" are less well distributed. Field craft, practical application of mathematical formulas (Pythagorean Theorem) again are extremely helpful especially in easy to carry size. Money magazine, New Yorker, Outside, Popular Mechanics and more are all very popular. Thank you all from the Ft. McCoy Education Learning Center! Very Respectfully, Alan A"
By: Alan A (USA), Left on 05/25/2015

"Sir/Maam, Thank you so much for the books and magazines. My co- workers love reading them. We are in Kabul, Afghanistan still fighting for our life. Continue praying for our safety and we will appreciate it so much. Again, thank you and have a blessed week. v/r Maria S"
By: Maria S (Afghanistan), Left on 05/25/2015

"thank you for the wonderful books! These will definitely be used and read!"
By: Melyn S (USA), Left on 05/23/2015

"Dear volunteers, I cannot thank you enough for the shipments of books you have sent! I've received four boxes worth from your organization, and it has set me up with reading for the rest of my deployment. Thank you so much for caring. Your kindness has vastly improved my remaining time overseas. I'm leaving in about eight weeks and for some reason my mail keeps getting diverted to a different theatre before making its way over to me in Kosovo, so please don't send any more. I'm just worried the books will get lost in the mail and not make it to me before I leave, and I love books too much to consider wasting them like that. Thank you again for all you do! Warm Regards, Erin"
By: Erin K (Afghanistan), Left on 05/21/2015

"Operation Paperback is an amazing program supporting family members when loved ones are deployed. My family received so many wonderful book donations. We were so grateful to all the volunteers who cared for us one book at a time. Kind Regards, W Family"
By: Annise (Overseas-Italy), Left on 05/19/2015

"Our family has enjoyed the book shipments while my husband has been deployed. Thank you for your hard work. "
By: Deanna M (USA), Left on 05/11/2015

"Good afternoon, We are a military family living in Okinawa, Japan. My kids are 8 and 10 years old and we received a box of books from your organization!! WOW, my kids were soooo excited. They are avid readers and really enjoyed the selections you chose for them. Thank you so much for sending them to us. We greatly appreciate the time and effort it took to send them. May the Lord bless you all as you bless the lives of military families everywhere! Warmest regards, Denise D"
By: Denise D (Japan), Left on 05/11/2015

"Just got a box of children's book thanks so much!!!! Michelle H"
By: Michelle H (USA), Left on 05/11/2015

"Hi, I wanted to thank you for all that you do. We have several bookshelves here for the soldiers in Camp Buehring, Kuwait. I just picked up a mystery novel by Ann Cleeves with your sticker on it and wanted to shoot you a big THANK YOU! Margaret H"
By: Margaret H (Kuwait), Left on 05/07/2015

"To Loren & Sharon L for Westerns!! Have a wonderful day, Susan H"
By: Susan H (USA), Left on 05/06/2015

"We have received books from operation paperback and wanted to say thank you so much! We appreciate all that you do! Thank you for the books! The L Family"
By: The L Family (USA), Left on 05/06/2015

"We received several books from Ms. Sharon H. Our inpatients and as well as veterans who are outpatients sincerely appreciate the donation. Regards, Diane S"
By: Diane S (USA), Left on 05/06/2015

"We received a pack of children's books today and I wanted to let you know they arrived. We really appreciate them, thanks for keeping us on the list. The V Family"
By: V Family (USA), Left on 04/27/2015