Giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good book since 1999.

Thank you notes

"Good afternoon! Operation Paperback rocks! We have received plenty of books to educate our Soldiers and their Family Members in our many locations. If we find another need in the future, we will be sure to request more. Please thank all your volunteers that took their personal time and energy to send us what they found relevant to our request. They will be greatly appreciated by all. Thank you!! > > V/r, > Ashley Roberts Family Readiness Support Assistant AFSOUTH Battalion"
By: Ashley R (usa), Left on 09/02/2015

"Just wanted to let you know that I received a box a books. It came about a week or so ago but I've been so wrapped up in all the great books I kept forgetting to let you know. Thanks! Berni Davis"
By: Berni D (USA), Left on 09/02/2015

"Volunteers, Thank you so much for the book you sent to Marine Corps Security Force Training Company, Close Quarters Battle section. My students and instructors have many long days and nights throughout their training cycle, and good motivating reads are exactly what they need to fill in the gaps. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Respectfully Submitted, Sergeant Andrew R. Hoverson Chief Instructor, Close Quarters Battle Marine Corps Security Force Training Company Marine Corps Security Force Regiment"
By: Sgt Andrew R Hoverson (USA), Left on 09/02/2015

"UNCLASSIFIED\r\n\r\nChrissy,\r\nI just wanted to write to say thank you again. I just received 6 boxes from several generous people. Please pass on our thanks to everyone who has been so kind. The books have helped morale around here tremendously. Thank you again for all that you do.\r\n\r\n Noted on the letters:\r\n Kathy W\r\n Shawna, Kearney Public Library, NE\r\n Tillie, First Presbyterian Church, Royal Oak, Michigan\r\n Volunteers from Dunstable, MA\r\n\r\n Very Respectfully,\r\n Chris York\r\n"
By: Christopher J York (afghanistan), Left on 09/02/2015

"My husband and I thank you very much for the wonderful shipment. He is a disabled Vet & loves to read. Your thoughtfulness & hard work are much appreciated."
By: Fowler Family (US), Left on 08/25/2015

"Thank you so much we received about 4 boxes of books and everyone loves that we have new books to choose from . Everything you do is greatly appreciated from us here in Afghanistan. "
By: MariaB (Afghanistan), Left on 08/15/2015

"Thank you so much for sending these wonderful books. I was inspired by you all that I signed up to be a volunteer too. "
By: Acsa H (Germany ), Left on 07/24/2015

"Thank you all so much! The books we have received have been greatly appreciated!! You all are amazing! My family and I are glad to have received so much from this organization! A book can mean so much to one, but means a lot to others! Thanks again and have a great day! LW"
By: Lekesa LW (USA), Left on 07/23/2015

"Thank you all for the lovely books you have sent us. We do appreciate all of them. God bless and more power to you all. v/r Maria S"
By: Maira S (Afghanistan), Left on 07/15/2015

"Thank you, I received the box of books from your org. After I read them, I pass them on to other military spouses. They appreciate and thank you also. Sincerely, Deb W"
By: Deb W (USA), Left on 07/13/2015

"Wanted to email you and let you know I received my first package of books and am very happy I appreciate it very much"
By: Jessica C (USA), Left on 07/12/2015

"Chrissy, Thank you so much for everything you do. I have received several shipments of books and have been very pleased. We recently got orders back to the states and will be having our pack out soon. With that being said I would like to take my name off of the shipping list. This is a wonderful program and again thank you so much. Sincerely Porsha V"
By: Porsha V (overseas), Left on 07/10/2015

"I just wanted to let you know that we received a wonderful box of books from Bob and Jane H. We loved the variety that all 4 of us can read. Operation Paperback is such a wonderful organization. I am currently unable to work for health reasons, so these books have been a lifesaver. Not only to save us some money while the budget is tight, but also gives me something to read during recovery. My daughters love the books too! They are currently fulfilling their summer reading program with the books they received. Thank you again! Richard and Jessica H"
By: H Family (USA), Left on 07/09/2015

"Thank you so much for your support! It really means a lot to me. I just received a shipment, you guys really made my day. God bless all of you!!"
By: Mariano T (overseas), Left on 07/09/2015

"Operation Paperback, Thank you for supporting the military with books. My wife signed me up a month or so ago. Several weeks ago I did receive a box of books from yall while I was at Taji, Iraq. I apologize for just now emailing to say thanks and that the shipment did arrive safely. Mail travels slow to Iraq. I guess my email to say thanks was even slower! I placed the majority of the books (I did keep one!) that were sent in a makeshift library several of us created. Several guys have family that have sent over boxes of books also and therefore the "library" there is growing. I have transferred from Taji, Iraq, down to Camp Buehring, Kuwait. Camp Buehring seems like the land of books! Thanks again, Jason C"
By: Jason C (Iraq), Left on 07/09/2015

"To Whom This May Concern, I received my first shipment of books today and it was awesome! There were three of us digging through there and it completely make our day. We really appreciate what you guys are doing and we're all excited to get home and be a volunteer ourselves. Reading is such a nice escape that we've started our own little book club! I can't wait! Thank You!!! ANDREA G"
By: Andrea G (Afghanistan), Left on 07/09/2015

"Good afternoon, Thank you very much for all the books that have been sent out to us. This really means so much for our family. Our daughters love to read and have been reading just to get to read the next book and the next. We truly believe our world has been moving too fast on technology that we forget about paperback books. I love that my daughters still appreciate reading from the paperback books and not from an electronic. Thank you for making this possible for our family. We greatly appreciate everything the volunteers do. Thank you again!!! C Family"
By: C Family (USA), Left on 07/09/2015

"Hello! I just want you to know that Ive been receiving books from generous Americans all over the country, and I have been sending personal letters of thanks to each (on the same day I get the boxes). Thank you all! Best, Tom V"
By: Thomas V (Afghanistan), Left on 07/09/2015

"Thanks so much for all you and your teams do to support not only us but our families. v/r JOALEEN T"
By: Joaleen T (Afghanistan), Left on 07/09/2015

"I got my first box the other day and it made me so happy thank you all so much for this! Alyssa N"
By: Alyssa N (USA), Left on 07/09/2015