Giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good book since 1999.

Thank you notes

"this is such a great Idea thanks for all your work!!!"
By: Jolanda Felice (USA), Left on 11/06/2014

"Thank you so much for the generous donations of books we have received from Operation Paperback. In just the past few months we have received enough books to completely restock our little lending library here in military housing. It is wonderful to see the happy faces of people finding a new book to read. Thank you!!"
By: Gabby W. (Puerto Rico), Left on 10/27/2014

"On behalf of my 2 year old son, thank you so much for all that you do. He was pleasantly surprised to receive an abundance of books when we arrived home. He loves to "read.""
By: Jessica D (USA), Left on 10/14/2014

"We want to extend our gratitude for the books that we received. Many of them are in transit overseas where they will be put to good use. We are very grateful to everyone who donates and volunteers thank you so very much we are forever grateful for the kindness of others! "
By: Michael & Mary. C (United States), Left on 06/19/2014

"I just received my box of books. Actually y'all were so awesome that y'all sent 2 boxes full of books. What a wonderful surprise. I was taken back by y'alls generosity. Thank You so much for your kindness. I have to go put my nose in a book now. Once again, Thank You"
By: Liz Ann (TX, USA), Left on 06/16/2014

"Please tell Janice Itzel that we got the awesome box of books for our family and we can not wait to dig in and start reading! This arrived in perfect time for summer break. You are an amazing operation reaching out to our military families overseas. Thank you all so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness!"
By: Jamie B (Italy), Left on 06/06/2014

"Thank you Boy Scout Troop 244 of Portage, Michigan for sending us the paperbacks much appreciated.. love to keep busy by reading a good book.."
By: Rosario C (usa), Left on 05/28/2014

"Thank you so much Sandy M for the box full of books and goodies! We are so appreciative of this kind gesture you have done for us!"
By: Teri H (Japan), Left on 05/25/2014

"My family received 2 shipments of books already from Patricia H. from MN, and Bethany Beach Books in DE. We thank you and really appreciate the time and effort to distribute them to us. In return, I signed myself up to be a volunteer to pass on the books we have finished reading as well as donations from others in my community to help give back and pass on to others in this program. We again thank everyone involved. It is a great program!"
By: Jessica C. (United States), Left on 05/04/2014

"Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know that I received both shipments of books that were sent. I can't tell you how thankful I am. Since I am a resident patient at the Battle Creek, MI VA Hospital I have the the opportunity to leave them at the VA library here when I'm finished so that other veterans can enjoy the as much as I did. Thank you again, Todd P"
By: Todd P (US), Left on 04/19/2014

"We received our first pkg from operation paperback! Thank you so much, I didn't expect to receive so many books so fast! With a little one I don't always take time to read but I sure am excited about the books I received. Thanks again to all those wonderful volunteers!! "
By: Jessica C (US), Left on 04/12/2014

"I received a box of books today ! cant wait to get started thanks so much ! "
By: Michelle G (germany), Left on 03/14/2014

"Thank you Bertha H. for the awesome books!!! I just received my books for my two year old son and even was able to give some of the more girly ones to my neighbors 1 year old. Thank you so much from my little reader and his grateful mom :)"
By: Monica B (Hawaii), Left on 03/10/2014

"I want to say Thank You for your support. Your efforts have completely enabled a deep love of learning and reading in my family. My husband (who hated to read) is now devouring books like there is no tomorrow. AND he is passing books around to his new unit. My house has turned into a mini library. I LOVE IT!!"
By: Casey V (United States), Left on 03/06/2014

"We received our first set of books while on block leave at Christmas and I misplaced all the letters that came with them. I want to sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank every single person who has donated to us and made our reading library wonderful. We read nightly and our daughters are in book heaven! It's amazing what people are willing to do for what our soldiers do for our country! A big ARMY HOOAH to all of you for your generosity and kindness! Thank you again from the Livingstons in Fort Drum NY! May who ever you believe in, bless you with many acts of random kindness for what you have done for us! Peace be with you all!"
By: Melissa L (United States), Left on 02/26/2014

"Thank you to Nora G. of Colorado, I received your packet last week and it's on a good shape. "
By: Tina S. (USA), Left on 02/09/2014

"Thank you so much for your wonderful shipment of books. They were a lovely surprise and my little boy enjoyed his special books he received in the mail. Again Thank you too all of the wonderful volunteers and this wonderful organization. "
By: Nicole T (usa), Left on 02/03/2014

"It was great coming home to 3 full boxes of books. This program is awesome. I want to thank everyone for their time and making this happen for us veterans families and deployed troops. I signed my Retired Father up and hope he soon gets the opportunity to benefit from this program. Thanks again and will pass along what I have read. Without any of you this would not be possible. Thank you again! !! "
By: Jennifer C (US), Left on 02/03/2014

"Thanks so much, I got my first delivery of books. Have a great day!"
By: Nicole B. (USA), Left on 01/30/2014

" We received our books this last week. Thank you so much for all that you do. Everyone got books that they like and we have already started to enjoy them. I will pass news of your wonderful program to all the Military families I know. Again I can't thank you enough for all that you do."
By: Elizabeth M. (USA), Left on 01/30/2014