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Thank you notes

"Just received a shipment of books from Teresa in Dunstable, MA. Thank you so much for your support. I have shared the lot of books with all my fellow troops out here, and we are all appreciative of the efforts! Thank you again!"
By: Matthew V. (Afghanistan), Left on 11/21/2015

By: Jason K (Qatar), Left on 11/12/2015

"Alyssa writes ... "Thanks to you and everyone who sent me books I am close to 300 books right now, which is a lot more than I ever imagined. It has been wonderful to get these and be able to share with my friends here that would otherwise not have read at all. I appreciate everyone who is involved in this program.""
By: Alyssa North (USA), Left on 10/15/2015

"Received another box from the Operation Paperback organization today. Thanks again. This box was from Morgan Park Juniors Women's Club from Chicago, Il. It was originally shipped on June 10. It went to the location where I was in Iraq. Then it was rerouted back to me in Kuwait. Sometime between mid-June and mid-August, it has been floating around this part of the world. I opened the box as other soldiers were around and several grabbed one or two. The remaining ones were added to our "take a book" bookshelf. Have a great week and keep up the good work! "
By: Jacon C (US), Left on 10/11/2015

"Books arrived last week!\r\n\r\nThank you very much"
By: Nadia N (US), Left on 10/11/2015

"Hi just a quick note to let you know another box of books arrived. I was on R&R when it came in and my office mates opened it and distributed the books, so I dont have the return address in order to send a note or otherwise identify. However, on behalf of folks here and the folks who look for a good read at the USO, thanks so much. Operation Paperback is a great program. HOOAH! Regards, Doreen"
By: Doreen D (Afghanistan), Left on 10/11/2015

"Hi---just another email to let you know more great books were received courtesty of the Bookworm Store. Thanks a bunch! Doreen"
By: Doreen D (Afghanistan), Left on 10/11/2015

"We received another box of books today courtesy of Baright Public Library. Operation Paperback is a wonderful program --- thanks! "
By: Doreen D (Afghanistan), Left on 10/11/2015

"Dear Mrs. Honeywell, Thank you for all the book but I am leaving this command soon and our deployment is almost up. I will be changing commands in November but I will not need books there. Our ship has enjoyed the books everyone has sent it is so nice to know people care that much to make us happy out here. Thanks again for everything."
By: Julia G (USA), Left on 10/11/2015

"Chrissy Good Morning, thank you so much for the books. I appreciate what you all are doing for us and our families."
By: April C (USA), Left on 10/11/2015

"Hello Chrissy, On behalf of our veterans, I would like to thank the individuals listed below for the generous donation of paperback books and magazines to the VA Librarys Leisure Reading Program here in Albuquerque. We sincerely appreciate the donations. Tom B and Dorothy S Ruth A K Family, Dan & Debi M Sorrell J Rita H Kathy P Eileen S Rick S Dorinda B Dawn B Damon and B.E. W Heinlein Society "
By: Diane S (USA), Left on 10/11/2015

"Hi there! I am a mother of 4 stationed with my husband in Okinawa Japan and we received a box of books today and my two year old is in love with them!!!!!!!!!! My twins are only 6 months but they will be kept for them as well! Thank you again this is such an amazing program!!!!! God Bless! Sandi! "
By: Sandi J (Overseas), Left on 10/11/2015

"Hello! We did get a big box of books and it was like Christmas for the kids. Since both my kids love to read I didn't see them for a while after opening the box. Of course not all of them were a perfect fit but we didn't expect that. Since we lived in a big military area we shared the books that we didn't need and my daughter shared the grade level books with her class. Her teacher and classmates were so happy! We appreciate your effort to helping military families! Thank you so much! "
By: Janina A (USA), Left on 10/11/2015

"Hello Chrissy, Hope all is well. I would like to thank Cathy M for the generous donation of magazines to the VA Librarys Leisure Reading Program here in Albuquerque. "
By: Diane S (USA), Left on 10/11/2015

" Rita, Thank you so much for the books you sent to Marine Corps Security Force Training company, Close Quarters Battle section! I'm doing my best to establish a library here for the students and instructors. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! >"
By: Andrew H (USA), Left on 10/11/2015

"Chrissy, First off, thank you so much for supporting us military families overseas in this way! We have received 2 boxes and between the two there were some books for each of our children's reading age/level. We would like to stay on the list a little longer, if that is okay, so that our kids can get a little more diverse selection of books to read at home. We plan on donating the books when we are done to the library here on compound. They currently have a huge selection of romance adult novels but only a few kids books and there are a lot of American kids here! Thank you for your time and all you do!"
By: Sarah B (Overseas), Left on 10/11/2015

"We received two boxes of books from a couple great families and they were really appreciated. My three year old was really excited when he realized that someone sent him something. Thanks again,"
By: Therese F (USA), Left on 10/11/2015

"Just writing to say thank you to Christine V, Gillian P, & Chris D for their recent shipment of books for the baby!"
By: Jill B (USA), Left on 10/11/2015

" Chrissy, I just wanted to write to say thank you again. I just received 6 boxes from several generous people. Please pass on our thanks to everyone who has been so kind. The books have helped morale around here tremendously. Thank you again for all that you do. Noted on the letters: Kathy W Shawna, Kearney Public Library, NE Tillie, First Presbyterian Church, Royal Oak, Michigan Volunteers from Dunstable, MA "
By: Christopher York (Afghanistan), Left on 10/11/2015

"Just wanted to let you know that I received a box a books. It came about a week or so ago but I've been so wrapped up in all the great books I kept forgetting to let you know. Thanks!"
By: Berni D (USA), Left on 10/11/2015