Thank You Notes

We received 2 more shipments of books. 1 from Morgan Park Junior Women's Club of Chicago, and another from BK of Battle Creek, IA. Thank you for supporting our Veterans.
By: Robert and Cheryl M (USA)
Thank you to the Gorman family and the Loyola Notre Dame Library of MD and the Berntson family of CA for our first 2 shipments of books this weekend. Thank you for remembering our Veterans and their families!
By: Robert and Cheryl M (United States)
john dingle VAH, in Detroit mi received a shipment of books in june/july . I found your cover letter in a empty box, and wanted to pass on thanks from the vets!
By: richard l (usa)
We received a box of books from Operation Paperback. Thank you!
By: Lindquist Family (United States)
Thank you so much for the books you kindly donated the sailors in deployment on the USS Stout will enjoy them very much. Deployment just started for us so it is a huge morale booster. Thanks again!
By: USS Stout, William S. (United States)
I can't thank all of you enough for the wonderful books that were sent to my class. The students were so excited every time there was a new box of books (as was I). You helped to keep them excited about reading throughout the school year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
By: Wendy F. (Korea)
Thank you for the adult romance and dean knotz books. Greatly appreciated.
By: Heather (United States)
Operation Paperback, My students were thrilled with the three boxes of books that we received. They wouldn't even let me put the numbers on them before they took them home to read. One student read 880 minutes last week. WOW! Thank you so much!
By: Melinda L. (Korea)
Thank you sooo much for these books!! They are perfect for me and my kids! They arrived much quicker than I expected as well.
By: Christina S (United States)
I just want to say thank you so much for all of the books we've received, my family loves reading and this program has touched our hearts. Thank you so very much!
By: Kitrina B. (United States)
Thank you so much for the books! My kids are so excited to start reading their new stories!
By: Amie S (USA)
WOW- what a great service- thank you so much! It is so uplifting to get that box in the mail - its like Christmas in July! Thank you :)
Thank you so much! We just received 5 full boxes of books for our family! Can't wait to go through them all. Thank you so much!
By: Amanda T (USA)
My family received the shipment of books today from the 5th graders at the Fairborn Community Library in Ohio. We have a family of 4 children and the books were perfect for our middle 2. I am truly touched by the generosity that you have shown us and it was fun to show the kids that the books came to us in Mass from Ohio. The best part was the personal note with stars on it from one of the kids. Thanks again :)
By: Marsha M. (U.S.)
Dear Operation Paperback Volunteer, Thank you so much for sending our family the wonderful books! My son absolutely loved the ?Clifford the Big Red Dog? book. We read it 5 times. We would have read it again if it wasn?t already bed time. :) Thanks again, The McLemores
By: McLemore Family (United States)
My children and I have been very grateful for all the wonderful books in a wide range of genres that we've received the past several months. Their father is stationed overseas, but it's great to know that they're not forgotten and they receive something special as a military child every now and again. Thank you, God bless.
By: Jenine B (USA)
Thank oh so much for the books! My kids love them ;-) perfect for the summer!
By: Natalie s (Usa)
Thank you so much for the shipment of books. It is amazing that this program and caring people are out there. I appreciate everything!
By: Adam G (USA)
I received my first box of books. I was overjoyed to receive books that I asked for. Many thanks to the staff and volunteers of Operation Paperback. In particular, a special thank you to Diane and the customers of Trent's Bookshelf, LLC.
By: Donna W (Afghanistan)
I wanted to send a shout out to the wonderful organization!! We received two boxes this month and both were wonderful! The second came from the Ripley Public Library. Wanted to thank them!!
By: Angle Family (United States)