Giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good book since 1999.

Thank you notes

"To whom it may concern\r\nThank you for our Operation Paperback shipment- Andrew T is the volunteer that signed the paper in our box. My family has been out of the Country so we are a bit delayed in receiving the books, luckily the Post Office held the box for us! We appreciate all that you do.\r\nThank you again\r\nTiffany A"
By: Tiffany A (USA), Left on 02/25/2015

"Hello! We received a wonderful box of books a few weeks ago! My daughter loves every single one of them, we really appreciate it!! Thank you so much! Melinda W"
By: Melinda W (USA), Left on 02/25/2015

"Our books arrived and the kids have already mailed off a thank you card to the McQ family! Thank you for all you do, Michelle G"
By: Michelle G (USA), Left on 02/20/2015

"Hi, my name is Whitney J, I wanted to let you know we got the package and my family and myself want to thank you so much! It meant a lot to receive the books y'all sent to us. Thank you again!! "
By: Whiteny J (USA), Left on 02/18/2015

"Thank you Operation Paperback/Bertha H, Thank you so much for taking the time to ship us these wonderful books! My little boy loves the cars board books he carries at least one around with him. I haven't gotten to enjoy any books yet (joys of a two year old) but I have skimmed them and I can't wait to get some time to enjoy!! Thank you again it means so much to us to have people remember and care about us!! God Bless, Jennifer, Ernie & Galen "
By: The Ch Family (USA), Left on 02/18/2015

"Good morning/evening, Our family thanks you all for everything you do. We greatly appreciate the wonderful and magical worlds your donated books bring to us, especially during this rough times of missing our family back stateside. We thank all of the volunteers at Operation Paperback for the amazing support. Trista, Jeremy, Eithun, Jason and AnnaMarie "
By: The HC Family (USA), Left on 02/18/2015

"THANK YOU! We received 2 boxes from Operation Paperback for my almost 4 year old son. The box we got yesterday was full of books that were perfect for his age and interests. And, at 39 weeks pregnant, I know these "new" books will be even more exciting to read in the coming weeks when he may be feeling left out. We read a Curious George book at bedtime last night (that I actually can't believe we don't already have!) and he was laughing out loud at it. Thank you for the books and a great end to our day! Your hard work and the work of our volunteers is greatly appreciated! Rebecca H"
By: Rebecca H (USA), Left on 02/18/2015

"Hello! I received my first box in the mail and was thrilled! I am so grateful for your program. Thank you! Krista S Okinawa, Japan"
By: Krista S (Japan), Left on 02/18/2015

"Good Morning, I received my first shipment of books last night from Charlotte T. It was such a great surprise to my entire family. Thank you very much!!!! Sade E"
By: Sade E (USA), Left on 02/18/2015

"To the Operation Paperback Team, I just wanted to send a short note of thanks for what you do for our deployed troops. My unit has recently deployed back to the Middle East for what is the fourth or fifth deployment for many of these fine Soldiers. To find that some of the books you had so generously provided were still available here was truly a blessing. The chance to dive into a great story offers a welcome relief, and your efforts are truly appreciated. Thank you, COL Mike E"
By: Mike E (Middle East), Left on 02/14/2015

"Thank you so much for the wonderful books! My children absolutely loved getting these books, they love books. We can wait to jump right in and read them. This is such an amazing program. Thank you! Sincerely, Misty W"
By: Misty W (USA), Left on 02/14/2015

"Thank you so much for all my awesome books can't wait to start reading them... "
By: colby j (usa), Left on 02/07/2015

"Paperbackers! I have indeed received a few boxes of books, and passed on quite a few to my peers and the common area, and other sites out here. Thank you! Excellent variety, and there are some real gems in your selection. I think I'll be bringing a few home with me to continue reading! I'm heading home a little earlier than expected, and recommend not shipping any further books at this time. I've left the contact information for Operation Paperback on our shelf, and instructed the folks here to enjoy any further packages I may miss. Thanks again for your thoughtful consideration. Cheers, Loren F"
By: Loren F (overseas), Left on 01/31/2015

"Hi, I want to thank your organization for all the books you sent to my daughter while on deployment. She has shared with everyone aboard the Vinson. The library is fully stocked with books from the shipments too! Thank you! It has been wonderful for them all. Being that they are their maximum for books we now are requesting that your organization cancel any further shipments. Thanks again! Jeanine T"
By: Jeanine T (overseas), Left on 01/31/2015

"Hello everyone at Operation Paperback ! I just wanted to send another short note of gratitude. This time to Ms. Rachel W. Aside from the wonderful books that I will be sharing with fellow wounded warriors, her note of encouragement and appreciation really touched my heart. Thank you so much Ms. W. It is people like you that make all of our service and sacrifice worth every bit. God bless ! and thank you Operation Paperback for bringing out the true patriots of this great country of ours in support of servicemen and women all over the world. I salute you ! Carlos M USN(Ret.)"
By: Carlos M (USA), Left on 01/29/2015

"On behalf of Voluntary Service at VAMC Togus Maine, we would like to thank you for your generous donation of books donated by Diane H of Novato. We appreciate all the donations and all the support for our veterans. Scott B"
By: Scott B (USA), Left on 01/27/2015

"Greetings! On behalf of our veterans, I would like to thank you for the generous donation of paperback books to the VA Librarys Leisure Reading Program here in Albuquerque. This is a very popular program among our inpatients and as well as veterans who are outpatients. We sincerely appreciate the donation from Diane H. Regards, Diane S"
By: Diane S (USA), Left on 01/27/2015

"Ms. Honeywell, Thank you so much for all the books you have been sending me! All the troops here as well as myself have loved reading them and it has help the deployment pass more quickly. Since I will be leaving soon I won't be needing any more books in the future. Thank you so much for thinking of me and the troops! Thank you, Very Respectfully Desiree U"
By: Desiree U (overseas), Left on 01/21/2015

"Thank you so much for the shipment of books my family has received. We appreciate it so much! "
By: Charles M (USA), Left on 01/12/2015

"Hello! I just received a shipment of books! I want to thank you very much for this! It's amazing. I just wanted to email to confirm the safe arrival of the package! "
By: Alba C (USA), Left on 01/11/2015