Thank You Notes

Thank you for serving our country. My dad was in the Marines during the Korean War and always said those were the best days of his life.
By: Kathryn (United States)
Thank you so much for all the books we received! My boys love going to the post office to get a box full of books. Again thank you to all the volunteers!!
By: Nicole J (Japan)
Hi, I am signed up to receive books and I wanted to let you know how much it has helped my children and it's so nice to be able to read a new book when I don't have the money to go buy a new book all the time. I wanted to know if I am able to be a volunteer and send books, as well as receiving books. I would love to help give back as we have been helped. Thank you.
By: Rogers Family (United States)
Thank you so much for all the book sent my way. I have enjoyed reading them and sharing them with my fellow Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.
By: Amy R. (African)
My family has received a few boxes of books and we were so grateful and happy about them. Our first box was a huge box full of books that my husband was able to go through and choose the booms that he wanted to read, and those that were left he passed on to other soldiers to read. Another one of our boxes was a variety of books that I myself have read and am happy to have them. I want to say thank you to all who volunteer their time and effort to help families like ours get books to read.
By: Whitney P (U.S.)
Thank you all for everything you do! You really go above and beyond and our gratitude cannot be expressed in mere words! Thank you SO much! We are truly blessed!
By: Amy J. (United States)
Thank you for making our family feel special.
By: Brittani (United States)
Thank you for volunteering and making it possible for my children to get the chance to excel with reading. They are looking forward to receiving their books. ;) thank you so much for all you do!
By: Amanda davenport (Usa)
Please thank Michelle Goode; Laura Lehmann; Monette Clark for the boxes of books. We're really enjoying them. God Bless you all
By: Linda Leone (United States)
A million thanks to Schoharie "Cushing" Library for the large selection of Westerns! Have a great day!
By: Susan H (USA)
Good afternoon. A big thank you to Arvid G for a great selection of westerns: our vets love westerns!!
By: Susan H (USA)
I received my shipment of books. Thank you again for the shipment and such a great program!
By: Andrew B (USA)
Good Morning! We received all of your books, and we just today were able to put them out in our brand new chapel! We are excited as we designed a reading and coffee area where anyone can relax. One female found one she had been looking for within 10 minutes of us putting them out! Thank you for your donation!
By: Nathan W CH(MAJ) (Iraq)
My package of books arrived, thank you Mike.
By: David W (Qatar)
I would like to thank you for your generous donation to the Arizona State Veteran Home. The books that you donated will be greatly appreciated by our residents. Our veterans have many needs which can only be met through generous donations such as yours. Thank you for thinking of us. It is organizations and people like you that assist us in making the Arizona State Veteran Home the best place it can be. Kind regards...
By: Jeanette M (USA)
Hello! I Just wanted to let you know that we received our package with our books! Thank you; my husband is excited! He is packing them in his duffle. He is getting ready to leave :( all the books were in the range of what we like. Thank you for everything you guys do for our troops. I made sure I shared all of your information with our units page and VFRG.
By: Tiffany B (USA)
Hey guys, it's me CPL Richard... I just wanted to let you guys know that I received my first shipment today. I was so ecstatic and when I opened up my package I really had to hold back my tears of joy. I had no idea it would have been so close to my request. Four Marcus Garvey books?! WHAT?! Classis W.E.B DuBois books?! And other cherishable material... you guys are amazing. I look forward to receiving my next package. You guys played a major role in keeping my spirits up during my first deployment from 11-12 and you have definitely started this deployment off with a good start for me. Thank you! You all should see troop requests from my area because I have been bragging all day!! Thanks again!
By: Richard W CPL (USA)
Dear Operation Paperback: Thank you so much for the shipment of children's books. We are so grateful to your organization and your volunteers. Books are our favorite! Thank you... The DeSantis Family
By: caitlin d (USA)
We received a box of books today! Thank you so much! Being a military family overseas, we have a lot of time for reading! Thanks again. Jaedyn F Ashley G
By: Ashley G (Overseas)
Yesterday we received our first box of all children's books dedicated to my 4 kids. They LOVED it. It was perfect timing as daddy is preparing to deploy again. Thank you so much for all you do :) Angela G
By: Angela G (USA)