Thank You Notes

Two years ago we received books in which we read and forwarded them in care packages to sailors and soldiers whom were deployed. Thank you so much for all that you all do and providing our military families this opportunity.
By: Nydia C (USA)
To whom it may concern, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated my first shipment of books. Your response to my initial request was incredibly fast. I was thrilled when I received them so quickly. Furthermore, I was even more delighted at the varied selection I received. There were a few that were outside of my 'comfort' genres, however, I might just challenge my genre barriers...ha! In addition, I have many veteran friends to whom I will pass these few along to if necessary. I can't begin to tell you how much your services are appreciated. As a veteran, I had no idea this service even existed until I began to see your stickers on the backs of books that I would get from my local V.A.. Thank you for your continued support in this much needed service. Sincerely, A very happy and well-read veteran, David
By: David G (us)
Thank you so much for the box of Wilbur Smith books. I have never heard of this author, but the series looks incredible. I'm excited to get started reading ! I suffer from PTSD and like using fiction to escape and distract my mind. Thanks again and God Bless!
By: Kristian P (USA)
Thank you so much to the volunteer that sent us this amazing package of books and movies! I have been sick for the past few weeks and this has really lifted my spirits!
By: Megan E (United States)
I just wanted to say the latest shipment of DVD?s from Christine M. were excellent. Thank you very much for taking the time to collect and ship these DVD?s.
By: Gregg H (US)
Thank you so much to the students at S.H.A.R.E (Students Helping Area Residents Effectively - a youth community service group at Council Rock High School in Newtown, PA), Ms Pam G. (volunteer shipper), and Ginny C. (OP volunteer). All of you have made my family so happy with the books each of you have sent. My husband is in Kuwait, our son is in Germany, and luckily my daughter is stationed state-side! It's such a nice feeling to know we're thought of. Thanks again and God bless!
By: Kate G (United States)
Thank you - we loved all the book. It was nice. The kids went bonkers over all the books!!
By: moni j (us)
Thank you to Operation Paperback for the boxes of books throughout this deployment. I ended up with far more than I or my unit could read! We share them with the rest of the post, and every time I see an Operation Paperback sticker on a book, I'm grateful for all the support from people like you back home.
By: Elisabeth H. (Kuwait)
I just want to thank you all for all the incredible books you have sent to me and my girls we are greatly thankful and enjoying our quality time reading as a family we read to my husband over skype and he absolutely loves it we just want to thank you all for your time and books we love them so much.
By: Christina C (United States )
Thank you very much.
By: Ralph (usa)
You guys are incredible. Thank you so much for what you do. God bless you!!!
By: Carlos G. (United States)
Thank you for the books. We appreciate it.
By: Nancy O. (United States)
I just wanted to say thank you! You have no idea how much I appreciate them! Please let all of your volunteers know that they are appreciated by us in Qatar!
By: Shannon T (Overseas)
Thank you to Operation Paperback and to all the folks/ organizations we've received books from! It's been wonderful. I am the volunteer coordinator at the MN Veterans Home in Mpls. This is our 130th anniversary this year. A couple volunteers have been in the process of updating our entire library (which really needs it!) and the new books we've gotten from Operation Paperback have been fantastic. We've received lots of compliments and especially appreciate the positive feedback from our veterans! Thank you!
By: Erin B (USA)
I came back from picking up more crafting supplies for our upcoming April month of the Military Child Event and found a large box of Hardy Boy books had been delivered. What a treat! Thank you so much for sending wonderful gifts for our military children. Warm regards, Gail S
By: gail s (USA)
I just wanted to say thank you all so much for taking the time and effort to send me all the packages you have sent! I made sure to share them with all of my guys and they were very thankful. I was even able to make quite the donation of books to the USO at Camp Casey when we left there and I had not room for all of the books. We are getting ready to pack out now so I wanted to let you know that we no longer needed the wonderful packages you have been sending. Thank you all so much and I will be sure to spread the work about all you do for us
By: chance a (USA)
Thank you Thank you Thank you! There is so much that comes to mind when I think of all the support we have received and all of the love we've been shown. We have been absolutely blown away by the countless words of encouragement and numerous items sent out way. Our battalion's morale has been increased because of your selflessness, our heart for Soldiers, and your heart for our country. You did things you did not have to do to grant us access to things we didn't have. For all you have done, I offer our sincerest thank you and my personal commitment to complete the task that lies ahead. You are a most needed blessing and an answered prayer for us and I pray God's continued Grace, Mercy Favor, Peace, Protection, Love, and Success to you. From the Soldiers of 3-29FA and the Unit Ministry Team, thank you very, very much. Captain Shane H
By: shane h (poland)
Operation Paperback Team Thank you so much for the 2 boxes of books!! I cannot wait to start reading, hopefully I can get through them all while I am here. I will definitely be passing these on for others to read. Thank you for what you do Alexandra W CPT, SC
By: alexandra w (USA)
My family and I received our shipment of books last Friday. I was so overwhelmed and humbled when I opened the boxes. The amount of books we received far exceeded my expectations. The personal touches that were added by the volunteers was very nice. My husband has been in the military for 11 years now and it never gets easier. I take comfort in knowing that there are people all throughout the United States who care about our service and sacrifices. I am so thankful for programs like yours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
By: spang (usa)
Thank you, so much for your amazing gift of reading! My kids were so excited to open the box and find new books. We love and appreciate your support. Thank you from the Moore family.
By: Tiffany M (United States)