Thank You Notes

I just want to say thank you so much for all of the books we've received, my family loves reading and this program has touched our hearts. Thank you so very much!
By: Kitrina B. (United States)
Thank you so much for the books! My kids are so excited to start reading their new stories!
By: Amie S (USA)
WOW- what a great service- thank you so much! It is so uplifting to get that box in the mail - its like Christmas in July! Thank you :)
Thank you so much! We just received 5 full boxes of books for our family! Can't wait to go through them all. Thank you so much!
By: Amanda T (USA)
My family received the shipment of books today from the 5th graders at the Fairborn Community Library in Ohio. We have a family of 4 children and the books were perfect for our middle 2. I am truly touched by the generosity that you have shown us and it was fun to show the kids that the books came to us in Mass from Ohio. The best part was the personal note with stars on it from one of the kids. Thanks again :)
By: Marsha M. (U.S.)
Dear Operation Paperback Volunteer, Thank you so much for sending our family the wonderful books! My son absolutely loved the ?Clifford the Big Red Dog? book. We read it 5 times. We would have read it again if it wasn?t already bed time. :) Thanks again, The McLemores
By: McLemore Family (United States)
My children and I have been very grateful for all the wonderful books in a wide range of genres that we've received the past several months. Their father is stationed overseas, but it's great to know that they're not forgotten and they receive something special as a military child every now and again. Thank you, God bless.
By: Jenine B (USA)
Thank oh so much for the books! My kids love them ;-) perfect for the summer!
By: Natalie s (Usa)
Thank you so much for the shipment of books. It is amazing that this program and caring people are out there. I appreciate everything!
By: Adam G (USA)
I received my first box of books. I was overjoyed to receive books that I asked for. Many thanks to the staff and volunteers of Operation Paperback. In particular, a special thank you to Diane and the customers of Trent's Bookshelf, LLC.
By: Donna W (Afghanistan)
I wanted to send a shout out to the wonderful organization!! We received two boxes this month and both were wonderful! The second came from the Ripley Public Library. Wanted to thank them!!
By: Angle Family (United States)
I am so incredibly grateful for the amount of books I have received! My kids' bookshelf is full and they're actually wanting to read! Thank you again so much!
By: Jackie P (Tennessee)
Thank you for thinking of the families who sacrifice along side our military men and women. May God bless you all.
By: McLemore Family (USA)
I received a box a books today with some hard candy and to go the extra mile to include that was heart warming. Just to receive the amount of books they sent was so great. I can't wait to receive children's books for my 2 children. I can't say thank you enough for the amazing things you all do to send us books.
By: Megan T. (United States )
I am amazed and very grateful for your support. Thank you Cody, Wyoming Library, Barbara Walker, Diane Trent, Friends and customers of Trent's Bookshelf, Candy Allen and Julie Rose. Words cannot express our thanks. Your kindness and generosity are truly the American spirit. We will send a picture to you of our team in the future. You make a difference!
By: Chris (Overseas)
Thank you so much for all of the books you send. We love getting new reading material each month!
By: Erin K (USA)
Hi, We received 2 boxes of books! Thank you so much and sorry this is so late in being sent!
By: Courtney Y (usa)
Tillie N Operation Paperback Volunteers First Presbyterian Church Royal Oak,Michigan Thank-you. Beyond words we are truly excited for the donation of paperback books. Mr. Charles W has donated the books after he has read them to the Community Hospital of San Bernardino. Mr. Wesley has paid it forward to the Recreation Therapy department. Your good work keeps moving forward to the patients at the hospital.
By: Eileen F (USA)
Ma'am: Thanks for your time and efforts in support of our mission. Please take care and have a great day
By: Po Chun T, MAJ (Afghanistan)
Good morning. I am so sorry for the delay!! The books arrived safely to our porch a few weeks ago. The children were so excited to receive them. By sharing, we have helped our schoolrooms out and enabled more children to have the opportunity of books. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Much respect and blessings to you all.
By: Shannon C (USA)