Thank You Notes

This means a lot to us especially my family while we are overseas and it is very hard to get English printed books. Thank you for all your hard work!!!
By: Marshall P (Spain)
Thank you so much for taking your time to send books to the military families and all the troops! The face my son had while opening his box was priceless! So grateful! Thank you!
By: Daniela L (United States )
I have yet to receive anything yet but I can say just the thought counts more to me then anything. Thank you for your time.
By: Samantha P (USA)
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! The whole family loves to read and this is an amazing way to receive new books for military families! Our family truly appreciates this!
By: Wendi P (United States)
Thank you so much for the books we received, my 6 yr old and teens loved them. God bless all that you do.
By: Sandra R (USA)
Thank you Operation Paparback we received 2 boxes this week. We are beyond grateful.
By: Brittany W (USA)
I appreciate all the hard work, and dedication that you put in. Thank you.
By: Brandie B.E. (United States )
Thank you to this awesome organization and the volunteers! My family has received many wonderful books. We are truly thankful!?
By: Donna H (USA )
This is incredible!! I wish I'd known about this sooner, my son and I love to read but it's hard to budget in books. Thank you all, a million times over.
By: Ashley J (USA)
My family and I have been enjoying the books we've been receiving! Our teenage daughter especially is loving the new reading material!
By: Timothy S (USA)
Thank you so much!!!
By: Johnnie S (Usa)
Thank you so much.
By: Angie (USA)
Thank you to the Operation Paperback Program! We received another box of books! Our hearts are filled with joy and appreciation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
By: Brittany W. (USA)
Thank you for all of the wonderful books we receive! We are enjoying them all and then passing along to other veterans as well as other friends!
By: Michael M (US)
My family just received a shipment of books from your Operation Paperback program! We are very appreciative of this gift and look forward to getting in some reading through this long period of deployment. Thank you for this program and your generosity.
By: christine n (usa)
Hello, I?m emailing you to let you know that I got the package of books last week, thank you so much for sending them to my family.
By: catie b (usa)
Dear Mrs. J: Thank you so so SO much for the Harvard Classics. That was truly a special gift from you. There was a professor that said by reading 15 minutes a day from the volumes, one could earn a liberal arts education in a YEAR. That is my goal and now that I have them, I am able to start reading. Thank you Mrs. J. from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and fulfilling the request, I am really really grateful for the kind gift you gave me. I hope you have a wonderful day and God Bless you and your family.
By: Carlos B (usa)
Hello, Over the last 2 weeks I have received 4 boxes of books from different volunteer shippers. I am so incredibly grateful to have received these shipments. We are currently stationed OCONUS and homeschooling two of our children. Many of the books we received will not only be fun and entertaining to read, but will also be helpful with homeschooling our children. Our family truly appreciates the time that each volunteer takes and the organization itself for this incredible service. Once we have finished reading the books, we plan to register as volunteers ourselves so that we can pass the books along to someone else. Thank you again-
By: april p (USA)
Mrs. Kathy D Thank you so much for all the books!!! My kids and I are very grateful as they absolutely love reading. They were so excited to receive them!! ♡
By: ryan s (usa)
Thank you very much to Operation Paperback, and Ms. Nancy W, and SFC George M(USA-Ret.), for the generous selection of books. Sorry to say at this time we do not have a AM radio station; but SFC M. you will find a warm welcome if you should decide to visit Ft. McCoy! Best regards to everyone.
By: alan a (usa)