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"I received two more boxes of paperback books from Operation Paperback this afternoon (and even some canned fruits!). Thank you very much for your continued support. After recent events here in Kabul and the ongoing pace of combat operations throughout Afghanistan, coupled with recent discussions about personnel drawdown in Afghanistan and defense budget cuts, these boxes further illustrate steadfast support for our fighting men and women from folks back home. I will continue to share these books with fellow service members and spread the word about your wonderful organization. Thanks again. "
By: Mel M. (Afghanistan)
Left on 10/10/2011

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There are two ways that you can help Operation Paperback - make a monetary donation or send books directly to troops, veterans and families. By making a monetary donation you will help fund the purchase and shipment of high-demand genres and other special request books. As a volunteer shipper, you will collect and ship your own books using the addresses that we provide.

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