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"I am pleased to announce that your boxes of books have been received. We embarked yesterday for the beginning of our scheduled seven-month deployment. Imagine my surprise when I found the books waiting for me. Within 45 minutes of putting the books out, and establishing our new library, there were Marines and Sailors already screening the books for something to interest them. I myself found a book of interest and look forward to some quiet time to read it. Please pass along to all of your supporters and volunteers the gratitude and appreciation from us."
By: Leonard C. (USS Iwo Jima)
Left on 01/26/2009

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There are two ways that you can help Operation Paperback - make a monetary donation or send books directly to troops, veterans and families. By making a monetary donation you will help fund the purchase and shipment of high-demand genres and other special request books. As a volunteer shipper, you will collect and ship your own books using the addresses that we provide.

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