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"On 7-27-09, Thom U. wrote: Dear Ms. W. Very much wanted to write and thank you and the Friends of the Chesire Publlc Library for your generous donation of paperback books, DVD's and magazines - many of them as a matter of fact - that were received here over the weekend at Diego Garcia in the ******. The June 23rd posting of this donation to USS is most deeply appreciated and will provide our patrons with entertaining diversions which I think they will very much enjoy. We are without a Stars and Stripes bookstore here on the island, and neither the Ship's Store nor the local public library stocks current publications or periodicals, so this generosity is very much appreciated by many here on this island. We thank you again for your generosity and appreciate your remembrance of "USS". All the best."
By: Thom U. (USS Diego Garcia)
Left on 07/29/2009

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