"Kind Volunteers of Operation Paperback, Thank you all so much for the enormous effort you've put in keeping us entertained. In the three months an office-mate of mine has been on your mailing list, we've received no less than 50-60 books and magazines. The high quality of the books and the newness of the magazines has been welcomed with open arms. We are, however, running into a bit of a problem--we're a small office and the books/magazines already mailed have provided more than enough reading material through the end of all of our deployments. Thanks again."
By: Nikita B. (Iraq)
Left on 09/23/2011

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Operation Paperback is a non-profit organization that has supported American troops since 1999. We have a proven record of providing quality paperback books throughout the time a troop is deployed overseas. In 2011, we expanded our mission to include support for veteran’s hospitals, and in 2012 we expanded our mission again to include all individual members of the military and their families, both past and present.

Media inquiries can be directed to Andrea Hoshmand, andrea@operationpaperback.org.