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Please use the form below to submit an address to us. We will be contacting you to verify the information we have received. There is no need to submit your name multiple times. Shipments will continue until the stop shipment date you have provided. If you move, please provide us with your new address. To make changes to your address or genres, email us at if you are an active duty service member or veteran or at if you are a military family.

It is our policy to never share any information that you provide to us with third-parties. We make sure that our volunteers understand the importance of preserving the safety and privacy of our troops and their families.

A NOTE ABOUT YOUR SHIPMENT: The volunteer assigned to your shipment may not have all the types of books that you have requested … and may not have enough children’s books to cover requests for many different ages of children. When you receive your shipment, if you find that you need more books (for example, if two of your children each receive books but the third child did not) please email us directly. We want to support all members of your family, so please let us know how we can help!

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